Sunday, July 24, 2011

Driving Tips to Save Your Car Fuel

With proper driving, sure you can save your fuel consumption, even up to 30% or more when you put the right way of driving, if that works then count how much money you can save a day, a week or a year?

Here are some great driving tips for you in order to save fuel in your car.

1. Avoid driving when you are frustrated and angry, this is not good for both you and the fuel. Use public transport wherever it is possible.

2. Avoid sudden acceleration and fast starts, this can increase the fuel consumption by approximately one kilometer per liter in city driving.
Briskly accelerate until 50 kph and then slowly until 65 kph, then maintain it at this speed for optimum mileage.

3. Always check your tyre's pressure. Keep it at optimum pressure in order to get the maximum mileage and comfort. Under inflated tyres can significantly increase the fuel consumption be continue in the next post.